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Social Commitee

Annual  Break -  Mike and Maureen Fairbanks

Boys Lunch  - Ken  Phipard -shears

Grand Picnic - John and Laura Evemy

Ramble 'n' Roast - Richard and Sue  Stedham

Ladies' Lunches - Elspeth  Lee

Next dates  ( details on calendar)

Annual  Picnic  - 10th July

Boys lunch 2nd August  - Y Knott Inn

1) The walking break/holiday in 2018 year was  based in Eastbourne . Click here for a write up of the break which was enjoyed by all.

2) Our annual Christmas dinner was held on Sunday 10th December at the Hampshire Court Hotel.  On arrival we enjoyed a glass of fizz before we sat down at our allocated tables for the three- course Christmas dinner.

Ed announced the winners of the 2017 photographic competition as follows :-

      1st place - Stephen Hudson

      2nd place - Fleur

      3rd place - Glenys

After dinner pass the parcel was enjoyed by all

3)  The 2017  Grand Picnic was held at Longparish Village Hall which had the advantage of a fully equipped kitchen and a full range of chairs and tables for indoor and outdoor use. The day started with rain but did not stop about 38 hardy ramblers turning up. We set of on a four mile  walk around Longparish in the rain but fortunately towards the end of the walk the rain stopped. But the decision was made to have the picnic inside the hall because of threatening grey rain bearing clouds.

      The Grand Picnic was very enjoyable and a big Thank you must go to everyone who brought        along various delicious types of food which contributed to the success of the picnic and also        to  John and Laura for organising.


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